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Small BTE Hearing Aid RIC Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Small BTE Hearing Aid RIC Rechargeable Hearing Aids

  Product Description: Diameter 12mm(L)*21.5mm(W)*78mm(T) Material 304 Stainless Steel Housing+ PCTG POD Pod...
  • Hunan, China
  • Cofoe Rechargeable Hearing Aids
  • Beige
  • 4-8h
  • 11-16h
  • 30mA
  • < 32dB
  • DC3.7V

Product Details

Place of Origin:Hunan, China Product name:Cofoe Rechargeable Hearing Aids
Color:Beige Charging time:4-8h
Working time:11-16h Battery Capacity:30mA
Input noise:< 32dB Power supply:DC3.7V
Net weight:8g Type:USB charging

Product Description


Product Description:

Diameter 12mm(L)*21.5mm(W)*78mm(T)
Material 304 Stainless Steel Housing+ PCTG POD
Pod Type Pod
Air Flow Top AirFlow
Oil Filling Bottom Filling
Capacity 1.0ml
Atomizer coil Ceramic + organic cotton coil
Inner oil intake holes 2*1.8mm/OEM
Resisitance 2.5ohm
Battery Capacity High Rate 250mAh
Power On Air Activited
Indicator Breathing LED Light
Protection Smart Chip Inside, Overtime Protection, Over-charged Protection, Low-voltage protection, Short-circut Protection



Various OEM Options: 

1) Finish process: wrap stickers or baking (matt/matte/glossy/fluorescent ), provide different hand/visual feeling.

2) Product colors: welcome to custom any colors to stand out from competition.

3) Print or Engrave brand logo.

4) Package: OEM single pack or multiple pack package styles available.


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